Some Myths About Renting Apartments

Are you looking for apartments in Mountain View school district and not sure whether renting some apartment will be right option for you? Probably you have been scared due to some rumors that you might have heard regarding apartment living. But still, living in an apartment is quite desirable for many and it is efficient and safe as well. Here are some of the myths about apartments that are cleared for you to show you the right face.

One of the most common myths about apartments is that no one opts for apartment living willingly. It is often thought by people that ultimate dream for them is living in some nice house having a garage, big backyard, etc. However, researches have revealed that apartments are increasing in popularity day by day and more number of people opt for apartment living on their will.

The question is why people would prefer living in the apartments even if the home can be afforded by them. It’s simple! Normally the apartment buildings have better locations which are proximate to shopping centers, workplaces and other such high value places and beside that renters tend to appreciate less repair and maintenance responsibilities on their shoulders. Furthermore, one always has the freedom of packing all the stuff and make a move to some new location.

Another myth about apartments is that the crime rates are high in the apartment buildings. It is often thought that apartment buildings are rich with crime and drugs. But that’s not the case in reality as the apartments tend to make secure and safe neighborhoods actually.

Major part of this belief has its basis in faulty logic that an apartment complex is same like single “house”. In case if the two are compared this way, there are chances that crime will be more in the apartments as compared to ordinary household. However, if an apartment complex is considered as a building featuring large number of separate homes then you’ll be able to reveal that crime rates aren’t higher in apartments.

In addition, it is the opinion of large number of apartment residents that apartment living is chosen by them because they think it to be more secure. There is 24/7 security system, video cameras in the lobby which you can monitor on the television, onsite superintendents and the intercom packages and all these things combine to make apartments an extremely safe place.

It is believed that apartments are a source of contributing to traffic congestion of neighborhood. Though it’s a fact that one apartment complex can give home to large number of people, it’s not really true that increased traffic congestion is generated by apartments compared to other dwelling types.

Major portion of the apartment residents tend to be students and young professionals, on average they use just single vehicle per household/family because most of them use the public transportation for getting around the town.

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